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Your Flow - Relax... Let Your Vibe Naturally Rise…

Updated: May 31, 2021

Choose. Learn from your choices. Make new ones. In this way, you find yourself in the stream of a life that you, yourself, have always directed.

All beings, from the smallest components in your cells to the vast galaxies are consciousness and have needs for their continued existence. You have the free will to express your desires as well. If you can imagine, the Source weaves all dreams and desires into streams of grace for all Creation… for every particle of consciousness on the planet, for every system, and for every being.

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You have called forth a very unique stream of grace from the Source – one that you can either float with or struggle against.

You do indeed have to go with a flow, but not just any flow… your flow, your unique, perfect, individually designed, and constantly updated flow!

It is easy to tell if you are aligned. When your energy is flowing with your stream, you feel good. When your energy is resisting your stream, you feel bad.

Surrender to your natural desire to focus on more pleasant things. If reality “sucks” as you might say, stop facing reality. Focus forward. Find the stream, by searching for better thoughts. “Wow, look at that sunset... For just a moment I think I’ll sit here and give thanks for all the beauty around me.” Worry might try to grab you again. People might tell you to be "more responsible," but dear ones, respond to your own hearts first! The stream wishes to carry you to your solutions.

Free yourself from the bondage of pleasing others and floating down their streams, and instead find and align with your own, one better feeling thought and action at a time.

Many small currents join to make a stream. Many small streams join to make a river. Then, dear ones, many rivers travel, as you travel, back to the Ocean of Love.

Imagine you are sitting by a clear mountain stream. When you relax, your field naturally attunes itself to higher frequencies. “We" can channel our love and healing energy into your field and to help attune your energy to what you desire. In relaxation, your body naturally opens, energetically, and physically to the circulation of blood, lymph, nerve signals, and Divine love.

There are as many ways to relax as there are humans on the planet. You can find peace in meditation, during a quiet walk, or by observing waves on the beach or the stars twinkling in the heavens. You can relax by silently watching a candle flame, enjoying a stroll with your dog, or listening to beautiful music. Some of you find certain activities relaxing – cooking, jogging, skiing, or even playing video games. The ways in which people relax are endless. Only you know what works best for you.

Far from being lazy, when you relax you are deeply connected with the Source of all creation, and therefore open to love, grace, goodness, and guidance.

Relaxation calms the mind and draws you into the present moment with strong feelings of appreciation.

The actions that induce either relaxation or numbing may look the same. The energy that you bring to the moment is what makes the difference. For example, you can reach for a glass of wine with an intention to drown your sorrows, or you can reach for a glass of wine and be fully present to the experience. You can savor its scent and taste, enjoy its warmth, and revel in the good feelings of relaxation it engenders. In the first case, it is an act of numbing that pinches you off from the higher frequencies; in the second example, it is a mindful act that opens you to higher frequencies. Similarly, you can numb out by watching television. or you can watch and revel in the moment with contentment, and appreciation.

When faced with challenges or problems, relax before you jump into action. Breathe. Escape to your inner paradise as we've guided you or, if you prefer, choose any other method of relaxation that works for you. View it as a way to attune yourself to a world that is more real than the one that your physical senses perceive. Allowing you to naturally tap into the world of energy – a world of incredible love, wonder, peace, serenity, harmony, order, and joy that lives just beneath the surface of all you perceive. ... and therefore draw to you a better and kinder future, all the while enjoying deep peace, and serenity in the here and now. ~ Excerpt from VisionsofHeaven. com

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