A water blessing

Blessings of your Water. I do it in 5 gal jugs. Because I have a water dispenser for Hot & Cold water & I use Reverse Osmosis Water. My Blessing is written out because water has the ability to read all language and like a Crystal has Memory. My Blessing is always kept in my water cooler taped on the inside door.

My Soul calls for Complete Love and Gratitude & to Release the Spirit of Greed and all Negative Entities, Attachments, Negative Thought-forms such as the Spirit of Anger, Fear, Shame or any others that are Not for the Highest Good of this Household. I call forth Now to Scramble the Frequency of All Chemical, Biological and Radiological Pollutants including that of Fluoride or any other Additive both Known or Unknown that is in this Water and adjust the Frequency to that of Pure 100% Unadulterated Water. I now Invite the Water Spirit of Love, Joy, Bliss and Gratitude and all to Raise the Energy & Vibration of this Water to the Highest & most Sacred Level to accomplish my Intention. I Bless this Water to carry the Frequency of Wellness to ALL that ingest & Drink of it. Healing / Wellness and raising Consciousness to the Highest Vibration possible for each Person's Highest good that Drinks of this Water. Thank You Mother/Father God and Water Spirits from my Heart and Soul to ALL that IS. With that of Infinite Love ❣ ~ Rosie Neal

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